Minecraft Console Edition Gets Three New Maps

No sooner does Tumble come out than yet another Minecraft update hits the console versions of the game. It boasts three new battle maps for use in Tumble: Castle, Shipyard and Invasion. Why new maps and not new blocks? Because maps are easier. Can’t get enough of the Battle Mini Game for consoles? Then throw […]

MineAtlas is Like Google Maps For Your Minecraft World

Lost? Here’s a new program, MineAtlas, that’ll give you an advantage in finding your way around in your Minecraft world. The program is a biome map for your Minecraft world seed. Just plug in either your level.dat file or the seed number for your world and the program will generate a map showing the biomes […]

Mojang Shows off Pre-Made Maps that Now Come With Realms

Minecraft Realms, Mojang’s own subscription-based Minecraft server hosting solution, lets you make your own Minecraft worlds from seeds, of course. But if you want to try out some community creations, Mojang is showing off several user-made maps it has now added to Realms. Some of the many maps include: Color Cube, sort of a tactical […]

Check Out ‘The Eye,’ a Crazy New Parkour Map

Well, this is certainly something to jump around in.   This parkour map, “The Eye,” by SilentNoises started as an exercise in learning to make spheres, but turned into something trippy and wild. I especially like the fluffy clouds. If you want to try it out or check out more images, you can go here: […]

Play Temple Run in Minecraft

This elaborate creation by CodeCrafted looks like it approaches the complexity of the actual Temple Run 2. Check out the map.   What all that makes happen is a running experience with three regions, 15 obstacles, 20 challenges, and six powerups based on the original game. You can even upgrade the powerups five levels. Everything’s […]

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