Minecrafter Spends All Of 2015 Creating Scale Model Of Chicago

Redditor lukep393 started creating this scale model of Chicago, Illinois in January of 2015. Now, as both the model and the year near completion, he’s been posting updates to the Minecraft Reddit forum along with dozens of pictures. It’s pretty much complete now, and just look at it: There wasn’t any help or assistance involved, […]

Player Has Stuck With One Map Since Alpha

Minecraft player bmach is really, really committed to his Minecraft world. Bmach started playing the world during alpha and had just kept updating it. The world is far from a vanilla spawn. In fact, bmach readily admits that although it started in survival mode, it has been edited drastically with MC Edit and WorldPainter. “It’s […]

Let the Ender Dragon Help You Build an Amazing Map

Reddit user eitaskire has figured out a way to engage the mighty Ender Dragon as a pretty darn good architect, creating a palatial map one can be proud of. It starts by generating a super-flat desert on creative mode, which will look like this. Then simply summon the Ender Dragon and move around. He’ll react […]

You Can See Your House From Here on Insanely Detailed Minecraft Map of Britain

The UK Ordnance Survey’s first draft of its Minecraft map of most of the UK included an impressive amount of above-ground geography and geology. But the newest version is kind of nuts. The 2.0 version of the map is much more detailed, upping the resolution from 22 billion blocks to 83 billion blocks. That’s enough […]

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