Here’s How Lego Dimensions Works

Lego and WB Games have now revealed a game called Lego Worlds that allows players to finally construct their own vehicles, buildings, mountains and whatever else out of virtual Lego bricks…..sort of like a famous pixelly franchise every kid in the country is familiar with. Well, better late than never. But if that’s the Minecraft […]

You Can Play Lego Worlds Starting…..Today!

This is the fastest I’ve seen a game travel from rumor to playable product. It was only last week that a weird flyer posted on message boards was the world’s only clue that Lego might be preparing a direct strike at Minecraft with their own block-building game. Now the game is not only real, it’s […]

Could Minecraft Soon Have Direct Competition From Lego?

The concepts shared between Minecraft and Lego are so similar one has to wonder why the Denmark-based company didn’t put together their own direct Minecraft ripoff before now. But it looks like they’re thinking about it. According to this flyer discovered by someone on the Eurobricks forum, WB Games could be readying up to produce […]

Lego Dimensions Gets Portal, Jurassic Park And More

It seems like a no-brainer: if Minecraft is popular, and it contains a lot of the same elements that have made Lego bricks appealing to kids for decades, why not make a Lego video game with similar properties? They’re finally getting around to it this fall with Lego Dimensions, an interactive brick-building game that lets […]

Watch a New Lego Minecraft Set Build Itself

Here’s a fun look from the UK’s Telegraph of one of the new Lego Minecraft sets being assembled via stop motion. The set in the video is “The Mine.” It looks nice and complex and, hopefully, quite customizable. The Mine is the biggest set being released. There are six new Minecraft sets coming this month, […]

Leaked Photos Reveal the Lego Minecraft Sets of Your Dreams

You ever come across something that looks pretty much perfect? These recently leaked photos of upcoming Minecraft Lego sets are one of those things. When I imagined Minecraft Lego, this is what I imagined. The set images were released by Mir Kubikov, a Lego store in Russia. The sets are supposed to be officially out […]

New Minecraft Lego Sets Will Be Full-Sized

The Brick Fan has some early images of what are purported to be two upcoming Minecraft Lego sets. Unlike previous Minecraft Lego sets the bricks in these sets seem to be full-sized and able to interconnect with other sets. It starts with a cave and a farm but you can easily build Steve a space […]

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