Hasselhoff Comes To Lego Dimensions This February

I’m not sure why the world has gone this long without a David Hasselhoff Minifigure, but that problem is fixing itself in 2017. It’s finally being made as part of the Lego Dimensions Knight Rider Story Pack, along with a LEGO K.I.T.T. and a new Knight Rider-themed level. Your kids will probably need some kind […]

Lego Dimensions Introduces Supergirl, Supergirl Introduces ET

Lego Dimensions will be adding some extraterrestrial characters to the game soon, some of which literally carry the moniker as their names. In the second installment of Meet That Hero, Supergirl arrives from Krypton and introduces herself, followed by her own introduction to ET (since he can’t talk that well). ET hasn’t had the greatest […]

Supergirl Comes To Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

Supergirl is being added to the wide cast of licensed characters that make up Lego Dimensions, but not in the way you might assume. Until now additional characters have been made available to everyone in the form of add-on packs, but that’s not what WB Interactive is doing with Supergirl. For some reason they’re adding […]

Lego Dimensions’ Second Wave Is Simply Nuts

Disney recently gave up on their toy-to-game product Disney Infinity. Their rivals at WB Interactive are more than eager to take that market share, and they’ll pull it off with ease if this new trailer is any indication. Lego Dimensions is adding 16 new properties to its library throughout 2016. Look at this newly released […]

Presenting The Largest Lego Minecraft Set Ever: The Village

Since Lego and Minecraft are such similar pursuits, it was only natural that they merge, and they did so last year with the first Lego Minecraft sets. The sets have only grown in immensity since then, and this is the biggest set ever: The Village, consisting of rainforest, desert, and snow biomes, along with many […]

Lego Dimensions Adds Final Level Pack

The last level pack for Lego Dimensions comes out today, and it’s an interesting one. It’s the Midway Arcade Level Pack, and it adds elements from 20 arcade games under the old Midway banner — its assets were purchased by Warner Bros. after they went out of business, you see. The pack comes with an […]

Three Doctors Collide In New Lego Dimensions Trailer

Lego Dimensions has a new expansion pack out, with figures to match…it adds Ghostbusters characters to the growing multi-company IP mashup. To call attention, WB Games has released this new trailer showing what happens when three different Doctors finally meet. It’s worth nothing that despite all holding the title Dr, none of these guys ever […]

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