Presenting The Largest Lego Minecraft Set Ever: The Village

Since Lego and Minecraft are such similar pursuits, it was only natural that they merge, and they did so last year with the first Lego Minecraft sets. The sets have only grown in immensity since then, and this is the biggest set ever: The Village, consisting of rainforest, desert, and snow biomes, along with many […]

Review of Lego Minecraft’s Biggest Set, ‘The Mine’

JANGBRiCKS has a review of the largest and most expensive of the the new Lego Minecraft sets coming to toy stores this month. The Mine is a massive 922 piece set which will set you back about a hundred bucks. JANGBRiCKS finds it very customizable and useful for play. There are six new Minecraft sets […]

Watch a New Lego Minecraft Set Build Itself

Here’s a fun look from the UK’s Telegraph of one of the new Lego Minecraft sets being assembled via stop motion. The set in the video is “The Mine.” It looks nice and complex and, hopefully, quite customizable. The Mine is the biggest set being released. There are six new Minecraft sets coming this month, […]

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