Minecraft Story Mode Published Its Final Chapter Today

Telltale Games and Minecraft are officially parting ways — for now. The final chapter in the Minecraft: Story Mode saga was released today for the platforms all the previous chapters were published on. But is it really the end, or does the question mark tacked onto the subtitle (“A Journey’s End?”) mean there could possibly […]

E3 2016: New Information On Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms, the anticipated addition to the popular block builder that will allow players to play the game co-op, isn’t new news. Most Minecraft fans have known about Realms for some time, but today was the day we actually saw footage of it running, during Microsoft’s E3 conference. Microsoft repeated the phrase “cross-platform play” many […]

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Realms Support

No one would argue against the PC version of Minecraft being the superior version. One of the reasons is because the flexibility of the PC platform lets anyone do things like run their own servers to play simultaneously with their friends. Surprisingly, today Microsoft broke down the barrier to doing this on phones. The Android, […]

Minecraft Now Has Limited Cross-Platform Play

Nearly one year ago, Microsoft bought Minecraft developer Mojang, mainly (it was revealed later) for the purposes of having Minecraft become an Oculus Rift exclusive. People worried about the fact that Minecraft was on multiple consoles and outlets and wondered if those days were coming to an end. So far, aside from a few exclusive […]

Minecraft PE Servers Update

This app for Apple IOS devices (sorry Android) is a pretty neat tool for those really into multi-player Minecraft. If you are on the go or do not want to minimize your Minecraft client to pull up a tab on your laptop to search for servers you can just pull out your phone and look […]

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