Infographic Shows Just How Minecraft Has Grown

Mojang introduced Minecraft in 2011, and since then the block-builder that could has gone on to unprecedented worldwide success. The company released an infographic today showing just how many copies of Minecraft are out there by now. Approximately 106,859,714 copies at last count, including four purchased in Antarctica! Impressive!  

This Infographic Might Make You Feel Better About Not Finding Diamonds

This promotional infographic created by metallurgist firm 911 Metallurgist compares Minecraft diamonds to real-life diamonds, providing a few interesting factoids. Details include comparing the myriad colors of real-world diamonds to the Minecraft option, blue, which in real life would signify a boron impurity. The infographic also comes to the conclusion that diamonds in Minecraft melt […]

Minecraft by the (Version) Numbers in a Neat Infographic

Below you’ll find a cool infographic that breaks down all the major changes to Minecraft since the official release, update by update. We’ve come a long way, baby. This infographic was created by the site

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