An Unvarnished Look at How the Minecraft Creatures View Steve

This Minecraft video is short and to the point, but it says lot more about the way we play in 20 seconds than a lot of YouTube series gets around to in 100 episodes. It’s also hilariously realistic. Watch as Steve encounters an idyllic world. Then rampages through that world, taking what he wants and […]

How Your Mom Actually Feels About Minecraft

She hates it. And you when you talk about it. Here’s a funny, and brutally honest, piece from Linda Sharps about being the mom of a Minecraft player. Sharps is fine with her kids playing Minecraft, but she’s definitely tired of getting involved. I’ve long given up on wrapping my head around the obsessive appeal […]

Minecraft Gets an ‘Honest Game Trailer’

This new trailer from pokes some brutally honest fun at Minecraft, but you can tell that it’s done with affection. The trailer gets in some pretty good digs, calling Minecraft creator Notch a “one-hit wonder” (OK, so far), and repeatedly comparing Minecraft to LEGO. ¬†And it’s spot on about hardcore mode and its “cowering […]

Never, Ever Dig Straight Down

That advice is Minecraft 101, but some people have to find things out the hard way. Click to check out the rest of this hilarious instructional gif series from Abba Jackson to see what happened to one hapless noob.  

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