Minecraft ‘Horse’ Update Out on PS3 and Vita, Delayed for PS4

It’s more officially called Title Update 19, but we all know what the big draw is. Horses. Finally, for consoles. Unless you have a PS4, where you’ll have to do without equestrian events for a while longer. Title Update 19 was released last week for PS3 and Vita in North America as a Christmas Day […]

Image Teases Horses in Next Minecraft Console Edition Update

Ignore the spider plush and squint at the bottom of this picture from 4J Studios’ Twitter. What do you see? Oh yeah, those are horses. 4J recently tweeted this hint of horses, which are coming in the console edition TU17 update soonish, although no exact release date is given. Eagle eyed people on Twitter and […]

Xbox One and PS4 Minecraft Screenshot Contains a Very Broad Hint

There are no horses in console Minecraft, and because of the console players are just a little sadder than PC players. Okay, yes, you can saddle and ride a pig, but it’s just not the same man. So what do you think this recent screenshot from the PS4 and Xbox One version of Minecraft recently […]

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