Mario 64’s Hub World Recreated In Minecraft

Two unidentified Minecrafters have made waves on Reddit by posting pics of their Minecraft recreation of the outer environments from Super Mario 64. Given how blocky the N64’s environments usually were, especially within the first year of the console’s lifespan, this attempt at recreating Peach’s castle comes pretty close to the original. There was no […]

JRR Tolkien’s Shire Recreated In Minecraft — And How!

One of the most visually stunning Minecraft projects has been making waves over the last 24 hours. A team of 25 anonymous builders worked for nearly a year on a recreation of The Shire from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Now they’ve completed the task and are sharing their photos. “Arguably one of […]

You’re Looking At Kerrigan: An Image Made With Minecraft Blocks

When Twitch streamer Tholan Tholarian set out to make a work of art, he didn’t use oil paint, pastel chalk or Paint Tool Sai. He booted up Minecraft. He slowly assembled an image of Kerrigan, a character from Starcraft, block by block by block. This the image seen from above. It’s the biggest pixel art […]

A Minecraft Mission to Mars

Humans haven’t made it to Mars yet, but of course Minecraft doesn’t need to be bogged down by human limitations. EnchntedToaster made a realistic Mars outpost featuring a lander, rover, labs, sleeping quarters, farms and energy generators. Everything humans will need to take our first steps exploring the red planet. The sky is blue, but […]

Minecraft Star Wars Remake Near Completion

Here’s a great-looking new trailer for Paradise Decay’s full-length remake of Star Wars: A New Hope. After three years of work, only about 40 minutes are left to complete of the project. The movie is being remade mostly in vanilla Minecraft, with some custom texture work. Some of the individual sets were so complex they […]

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