Pic Shows Upgraded PC Ender Dragon

As we’ve previously reported, Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams has been working on revamping the Ender Dragon fight for the Minecraft 1.9 update. Adams has just shared one of the fruits of his labors on Instagram. Described as a picture of and Enderman taking a bath, it show the dragon using some type of purple breath attack. […]

The Ender Dragon is Getting a Tuneup

Slaying the Ender Dragon can be said to be one of the only “goals” in the goal-free game that is Minecraft, and it’s completely optional. Even if it’s a goal you’ve completed, you might want to try it again after update 1.9 comes out soon for PC. Mojang Developer Nathan Adams, probably better known to […]

Let the Ender Dragon Help You Build an Amazing Map

Reddit user eitaskire has figured out a way to engage the mighty Ender Dragon as a pretty darn good architect, creating a palatial map one can be proud of. It starts by generating a super-flat desert on creative mode, which will look like this. Then simply summon the Ender Dragon and move around. He’ll react […]

This Chart is Your Handy Guide to Minecraft’s Hostile Mobs

I_Photoshop_Things_ made this Minecraft chart for a class project. Click to see it full size. It shows the hostile Minecraft mobs, from zombie to Ender Dragon, along with stats like their health, the amount of XP they drop, and the type of attack they do. I_Photoshop_Things_ said on Reddit that the chart was made for […]

Lego Minecraft ‘The End’ Set Coming Soon

This sweet-looking new Lego “The End” set should hit store shelves and online retailers by June 1. The 440 piece set comes with an Ender Dragon and a bunch of Endermen is the fourth Lego Minecraft set. Now you can reenact Steve’s final victory whenever you want. Here’s the product description: Once you’ve equipped yourself […]

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