E3 2016: New Information On Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms, the anticipated addition to the popular block builder that will allow players to play the game co-op, isn’t new news. Most Minecraft fans have known about Realms for some time, but today was the day we actually saw footage of it running, during Microsoft’s E3 conference. Microsoft repeated the phrase “cross-platform play” many […]

It’s No Illusion: Minecraft Hololens Really Works

It was only natural to be skeptical when you saw a 3D hologram of Minecraft being beamed onto a table, then being manipulated through touch and even sight commands. Microsoft has this tendency to promise big huge impressive technologies at E3, but then never quite follow through in the marketplace. Now that the press has […]

Minecraft E3 Trailer for PS4

As part of the E3 hype this week, Sony released a new trailer for the upcoming PS4 version of Minecraft. Not a lot going on, but it does show Steve and some PlayStation exclusive characters such as Kratos, Ratchet and Clank, and Nathan Drake frolicking in some nicely built Minecraft worlds. Mojang is bringing Minecraft […]

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