Microsoft Introduces The Minecraft XBox One Bundle

Minecraft is playable on plenty of devices, but Microsoft is the only console-making company to turn that into a selling point (most likely because they own the whole thing). A special XBox One S just went on sale today in North America that bundles everything Minecraft on XBox with an XBox One S. It’s called […]

Minecraft Console Edition Gets Three New Maps

No sooner does Tumble come out than yet another Minecraft update hits the console versions of the game. It boasts three new battle maps for use in Tumble: Castle, Shipyard and Invasion. Why new maps and not new blocks? Because maps are easier. Can’t get enough of the Battle Mini Game for consoles? Then throw […]

Here’s What’s New in Title Update 19 for Consoles

Title Update 19 for Minecraft Console Edition finally lets you live out your cowboy fantasies, as this fun trailer for the update shows. Yep, we’ve got horses. You can put horse armor on them if you want. Title Update 19 was released last week for Xbox 360 and Xbox One worldwide and PlayStation platforms in […]

New Doctor Who Skin Pack Coming to Xbox Minecraft

4J Studios has announced the second Doctor Who skin pack will hit Xbox 360 and Xbox One worldwide on Thursday, Dec. 18. The second pack features more than 50 skins, including the Seventh Doctor, Captain Jack Harnkess and the Cybermen. Here’s a full list of what you’ll get for your $2.99: The Tenth Doctor The […]

Image Teases Horses in Next Minecraft Console Edition Update

Ignore the spider plush and squint at the bottom of this picture from 4J Studios’ Twitter. What do you see? Oh yeah, those are horses. 4J recently tweeted this hint of horses, which are coming in the console edition TU17 update soonish, although no exact release date is given. Eagle eyed people on Twitter and […]

Minecraft Vita Shown at Tokyo Game Show

Gaming journalists were given some hands-on time with Minecraft for PlayStation Vita at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. Kotaku’s Toshi Nakamura said he got to spend about 10 minutes with the demo, which he spent blowing things up with explosives. A lot of explosives and debris made the frame rate chug, but there wasn’t enough […]

No Release Date Yet for PS4, Xbox One and Vita Minecraft

Although the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One version of Minecraft are supposed to launch some time this month, the developer behind the ports, 4J Studios, is still holding back on committing to a definite release date. 4J took to Twitter to say that there are still too many bugs to squash to give […]

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