Halloween Texture Pack Comes to PlayStation a Little Late, or Really Early, Depending on How You Look at It

It’s just about three weeks since Halloween, but if you’re still feeling in the spirit, 4J Studios has announced on Twitter that the free Minecraft Halloween texture pack that appeared on Xbox systems before Halloween is now available for all PlayStation systems. 4J had a sense of humor about announcing the late pack. This is […]

Image Teases Horses in Next Minecraft Console Edition Update

Ignore the spider plush and squint at the bottom of this picture from 4J Studios’ Twitter. What do you see? Oh yeah, those are horses. 4J recently tweeted this hint of horses, which are coming in the console edition TU17 update soonish, although no exact release date is given. Eagle eyed people on Twitter and […]

Minecraft Vita Undergoing Final Testing at Sony

PlayStation Vita owners might have Minecraft in the palms of their hands very soon. A tweet from Minecraft console edition developer 4J studios confirms that the PlayStation Vita version of Minecraft has been handed over to Sony for final testing. Although games can and do fail testing, as 4J’s PS4 version recently did, they are […]

Xbox One Minecraft Out Friday

The long wait is nearly over, and you’ll be able to play a shiny new version of Minecraft on your Xbox One’s before the end of the week. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One edition launches on Friday. It’ll cost $19.99, but if you already have the disc or download Xbox 360 version you can […]

Sony Sends Minecraft PS4 Back to 4J Studios For Bugfixes

If you eagerly checked PlayStation Network Tuesday and were disappointed when Minecraft PS4 didn’t pop up for purchase, this is going to bum you out even more. Sony has rejected certification for the PS4 version, which means it will have to be fixed, resubmitted and most likely delayed. The developer of the consoles versions, 4J […]

Minecraft PS4 Finished

PlayStation 4 gamers can begin excitedly jumping up and down now. 4J Studios, the company behind the console ports of Minecraft, said on Twitter that the PlayStation 4 version is done. Finito. Ready-to-go. “We’ve handed Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition over to Sony for final test!” the studio tweeted, along with the snazzy picture above featuring […]

Xbox One and PS4 Minecraft Screenshot Contains a Very Broad Hint

There are no horses in console Minecraft, and because of the console players are just a little sadder than PC players. Okay, yes, you can saddle and ride a pig, but it’s just not the same man. So what do you think this recent screenshot from the PS4 and Xbox One version of Minecraft recently […]

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