Stampylonghead Starting an Educational Minecraft Channel

One of the most popular Youtube Minecraft personalities recently announced he is starting a YouTube channel  devoted to education through Minecraft.

“We’re setting up a new channel with Maker that’s going to be purely educational,” he said. “I think Minecraft is an amazing platform. One, the fact that it is an open sandbox to do whatever you want in it, and two, everyone’s playing it, and if you’re not playing it, your kids are playing it,” said Stampy Longhead, also known as Joseph Garrett.

“If you take their engagement and put it into a more productive space like education or the arts, they’re going to be involved in that, they’re going to be engaged.”

Garrett already has more than two million subscribers and more than 150 million views a month, so he has a good chance of making this work. No release date has been provided for the new channel as of yet.


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