Notch Admits He ‘Kinda’ Feels Like a Sellout

After selling Mojang and Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 billion, Markus “Notch” Persson has all the monies. He has a giant mansion with a candy room. But he might have a little less indie cred.

When asked if he felt like a sellout on Twitter, Notch answered honestly.

“I kinda feel like I am, but I still feel like I made the right choice. I guess some things always come at a cost,” Notch tweeted.

Continuing the exchange, however, Notch said he knew he would never top Minecraft.

“The one trick pony thing was hard to deal with. Matching the insane success of Minecraft would be impossible. I’m ok with it now,” Notch said.

However, he said, walking away from it has brought back the fun of making videogames again, even if what’s he’s making are small prototypes that people will probably never see.

“Programming is annoying and frustrating, but SO MUCH FUN,” Persson said.

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