Multiplayer Survival! Ep. 1 :: Minecraft(Gameplay/Commentary)

Hey everyone, A new series me and same are doing! Sams Channel: My WIfes Channel:…
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  1. Craft3mber says:

    It’s doku craft texture pack

  2. Ace magbanua says:

    help ples ….. how can i play multiplayer in minecraft teamextrem

  3. Logan Dudley says:

    Soooooooooooo cool but
    also put more torches!

  4. Applesoft says:

    very illegal.

  5. joey sixx says:

    hey i just started out, so i was wondering since you watch minecraft, could
    you check out my channel? thanks!

  6. Matthew Penkala says:

    Multiplayer Survival! Ep. 1 :: Minecraft(Gameplay/Commentary)

  7. Nike20Baller says:

    nice video

  8. ATSgaming says:

    Get your ads out of here.

  9. cassie winkle says:

    What’s miss ijevins channel

  10. Matt Boyette says:

    is that default map? love the map

  11. Tobin Gamingg' says:

    its a texture pack i think, that or its a old version of minecraft not sure

  12. Andrew Sandoval says:

    Why does it look like tht

  13. debaulmer says:

    Hey guys, Check out my channel for some funny minecraft commentary! I just
    started filming recently and since im new I would like some feedback.
    Anyways, thanks for your time.

  14. Epicawsome3 says:

    Whats the texture pack

  15. LEGOWOLF999 says:

    I live 5 munetes from dayton oh!!!!lololololololololololol

  16. BulletSoul13 says:

    This video is 50 minutes long!

  17. MrTHAUniverse says:

    the texture pack is jonh smith idiots

  18. toye larry says:

    Higher brightness i live in Ohio

  19. jonnathanv25 says:

    Put brightness up more

  20. MrDARVIN27 says:


  21. redbeat0222 says:

    Oh dude thanks! I love viruses!

  22. Anthony Hull says:

    Wat texture pack is this

  23. XxXBeastModeXxX5311 says:

    I live in Ohio too I live in trotwood

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