MULTIPLAYER MINECRAFT SURVIVAL w/ Minefirecharger & Friends! : Part 9 – Ghast Battle!

Introducing Part Nine of a New and Exciting Minecraft Multiplayer Survival Series! If you enjoyed this Video, please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to Minefire…
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  1. XxClimberPlaysxX says:

    Micahmalik9 suck your mom’s dick bitch
    this series it amazing and you can go fuck yourself´╗┐

  2. shussey2020 says:

    screw the nether

  3. Micahmalik9 says:

    Ask the person who hosted it

  4. Minefirecharger says:

    Haha yeah.

  5. Jordan Mccall says:

    fucking gay serise

  6. Minefirecharger says:

    I actually have played some Minez. What’s the server called?

  7. Minefirecharger says:

    Haha thanks Krazy

  8. Suzanne Montgomery says:

    What was it lapis lazuli movies??

  9. Vultronators says:

    Hey could I do a video? (This is James, Not aaron.)

  10. SharkInWaterGaming says:

    hey do you allow visitors to this series? Or do you just do it with the
    same people. Id like to take join in some episodes

  11. Minefirecharger says:

    Yeah I’ll probably need some help dude. I know another guy who plays Minez
    as well. Maybe you guys could both join me.

  12. Minefirecharger says:

    The Multiplayer Survival is Back!!! Check the Channel for Recent Uploads!

  13. Minefirecharger says:

    Why do you ask? ­čśŤ

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