MULTIPLAYER MINECRAFT SURVIVAL w/ Minefirecharger & Friends! : Part 2 – This Isn’t Jackass!

Introducing Part Two of a New and Exciting Minecraft Multiplayer Survival Series! If you enjoyed this Video, please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to Minefirec…
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  1. Angel Martin says:

    but it wasn’t 45min. it was 19min.and 24sec.

  2. Melanie Carrion says:

    Never mind

  3. steven jank says:


  4. Melanie Carrion says:

    You mist a apple

  5. steve vu says:

    make yourself a house

  6. roxana arreola says:

    no offense but you sound pretty greedy thats just my opinion

  7. Brandy Rediker says:

    why do u do tht with ur sword

  8. dawnk644 says:

    Its not a walk through

  9. tyson kidd says:

    I think Rlink is a youtube channel

  10. mutanthornet22 says:

    ur videos arent boring like others

  11. tyson kidd says:

    You mean Not boring

  12. Yohanes Andrew Wijaya says:

    me too but im not a premium user

  13. Daiana Rodriguez says:

    Its about livin ok and you are doing good guys

  14. Bethany1115090 says:


  15. Minefirecharger says:

    Thanks man

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