MULTIPLAYER MINECRAFT SURVIVAL w/ Minefirecharger & Friends! : Part 1 – Throw Me The Rope!

Introducing Part One of a New and Exciting Minecraft Multiplayer Survival Series! If you enjoyed this Video, please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to Minefirec…


  1. Angel Martin says:

    u know if u wait too long to get ur stuff when you die,it can go away so
    don’t walk away from it when u find it

  2. Alex Sheran says:

    I like cheese do you?

  3. snozLe Orb says:

    did herobrine is in that episode?

  4. Dragon Emporer says:

    Is this scripted(they wouldn’t put a herobrine picture for nothing)

  5. Arin Harry says:

    pigs are apparently sheeps now

  6. DiamondKing65 says:

    Why are u lagging when fighting mobs and animals

  7. Markus Fryckstedt says:

    yeah, sweden are pretty awesome…

  8. mariusz mital says:


  9. Jessica C says:

    chalange 1 eat

  10. Samuel Lucas says:

    seter was tping to himself. FACEPALM

  11. jethro malinao says:

    hi…!! sammy youwish.. :)

  12. Callum Greene says:

    I saw coal so many times and you didn’t mine it.

  13. Felix Kjelldahl says:

    i come from sweden

  14. Ebelio Sedrac says:

    Want to play miners with me on android

  15. Anthony Dumais says:

    can you make a multiplayer with 8 or more people please

  16. Jinx Nemesis says:

    Hello, on my channel I do some quick little tutorial videos, it’d be great
    if you could check them out :D

  17. Sammy youwish says:

    love the video

  18. Layla Vogel says:

    your are stupid lol

  19. Denis Sheehy says:

    Did heroine make creeper

  20. Anthony Dumais says:


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