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Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help! This is Part 2 of the Titanfall Beta Gameplay Walkthrough for the PC! This video features live commenta…


  1. Charlotte Blyth says:

    Can you in one episode make a giant lollipop or areo cos that would be cool

  2. Jacob Holly says:


  3. Charlotte Blyth says:

    Do you know spiders only attack at night there calm in day unless you
    attack them 

  4. JumpKraft says:

    i remember when you had a couple thousand views and like 12 subscribers wow
    channel is getting big one of my freinds was talking about your lets plays
    earlier today btw this is GangstaHypie

  5. michael trivitt says:

    awesome series i have subscribed 2 u guys thats just how awesome u r

  6. Vultronators says:

    Hey Can i Be in a vid with you guys? This is james not aaron

  7. CentipedePvP says:

    Do irl video

  8. Minefirecharger says:

    Haha thanks I guess 😉

  9. jrperez003 says:

    If you make 2 more houses you will start a village

  10. Dillon Olsen says:

    cause its daytime

  11. Micahmalik9 says:

    Minefirecharger you remind me of antvenom

  12. DIMPLELICIOUS16 says:

    Hey you should do like a tutorial of your house cause its really cool

  13. SonicMario641 says:

    I think you’re Chuck Norris

  14. Brutal Victim says:

    Can u make a herobrine spawned and post It on YouTube

  15. thomasroff67 says:

    I would be happy to take part in your series

  16. Minefirecharger says:

    The Multiplayer Survival is Back!!! Check the Channel for Recent Uploads!

  17. ZanitorTv says:

    I think Hardpoint is my favorite gametype so far. It’s pretty easy to play
    as long as you communicate somewhat well. 😀 Also I agree, being the lone
    titan on your team can usually be a death wish. At least for me with my
    lack of skill…

  18. Ice Man says:

    Dude no offense but you suck !!! lol

  19. yourmajezty says:

    this dude is a fag

  20. Marcus ingram says:

    I would hate to have Zack on my team! GET TO THE HARDPOINTS!

  21. Jerrylin416 says:

    get plants vs zombies garden warfare!!!

  22. Michi Mochi says:

    Woo! Great job, Zach!

  23. ZackScottGames says:

    I’m loving Titanfall, but the Beta ends today. I don’t think I’ll have many
    episodes recorded before it ends.

  24. Yea man ur horrible 

  25. bob takumi says:

    Oh my god don’t people know how to play this game?!? I see people running
    around playing it like CoD with jump jets they don’t use any verticality at
    all and it really pisses the fuck out of me when I see people playing this
    game like CoD it’s so annoying!!

  26. JSHOTZZ says:

    This game don’t look fun at all

  27. Malinda Weeks says:

    you should rodeo more

  28. Joshua Luna-Li says:

    dude smart pistol is pretty much the worst weapon.

  29. Leon LeBlanc says:

    learn how to reload!!!

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