Minecraft X360 1.8.2 New Items+Survival Mode Walkthrough!

Crouch on that LIKE button!! Subscribe & become a Croucher today! Just going through the basics post 1.8.2, i go over sprinting, blocking, charging bows, new…
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  1. Yadira Sarabi says:


  2. CrouchingSpartan says:

    Sponge is only a decoration at the moment, until the next update.

  3. TheL0L101010 says:

    In 1.8.2 sponge sucks up water. Perfect for ur underwater house!

  4. CrouchingSpartan says:

    they are like that my bad. :/

  5. GamingPyro says:

    U get ten more disks not five

  6. Austin Hernandez says:

    You should make minecraft epic cribs

  7. NarutoSUNS2fan says:

    I don’t see why they added them for any reason, if they’re not going to let
    us teleport.

  8. Alex Branden Rillieux says:

    But friend, we have the pvp feature and other little things to make the
    hunger games a possibility! I suggest you get some pals and make a hunger
    games world or maybe find a seed on the forums! And Dom, you should do
    this! Maybe like a group of subs and yourself playing hunger games 🙂

  9. wabytmongoose says:

    pvp not friendly fire u stupid COD fan

  10. 3Shamrockers says:

    Hey ipyou wanna play minecraft 1.8.2 with me?i am available 4:00-8:00

  11. The2ndbrother says:

    where i dont see him

  12. Chris Strickland says:

    Ok i thought ender pearls teleported you, well i tried to throw them and
    all it does is leave your hand, no teleporation, any advice?

  13. CrouchingSpartan says:

    Cant see him. :]

  14. XBobMarleyX13 says:

    U need to do more research on ur updates

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