Minecraft walkthrough creative part 2 – u suck!

Please box for box or sub4sub.
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Let's Play Minecraft for Xbox 360! (Creative Mode) Part 1

Lol I thought Adventure mode was like a story mode. Turns out it was an Adventure Update! Silly me. Anyways…woohoo finally got the new update for Minecraft…
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  1. Cammeron Bryant says:

    hey guys don’t be so mean to this guy he just trying to make a video and
    all and if he doesn’t know how to play, he is just a beginner so stop being
    so rude!

  2. Gabe Barineau says:

    Flick left stick twice

  3. Angel Andres says:


  4. Alan Bryce says:

    Ur a noob

  5. Sotero Garcia says:

    Stop being mean he is not a noob he is just making a vidio

  6. use weapens to kill animals or enemies faster

  7. William Irvin says:

    Move the left stick forward as fast as you can to sprint. 

  8. Mitchell Buning says:

    You guys are so mean, have a heart!

  9. Rosie Cranston says:

    I got the 100 like!

  10. Gabe Barineau says:

    No cussing

  11. Ike Allard says:

    Double click forward

  12. cookie huffman says:

    Wow stop effending him he’s just a starter what’s Wong with that I mean I
    decent amount of subs compared to me what’s so bad about him

  13. i found a enderman in creative and diamonds when i started up the world O.o

  14. snow flake says:

    Also your using that dumb Super Meat Boy skin no offense notch but make new
    skin packs that are way better than all of them ok… ok

  15. snow flake says:

    NOOBY NOOBY NOOBY YOU ARE A NOOBY and also a Retard.Oh yay how to run push
    the button you use to move up twice RETARD DUUUHHH&@$

  16. molinajr92 says:

    super meat boy is pretty sweet! 🙂

  17. Matthew Rogers says:

    It’s the ‘Super Meat Boy’ skin

  18. Albert Wesker says:

    the Halloween update should be pretty good

  19. TURTLE MAGIG says:

    You go forward twice on left stick even when you fly

  20. Leeann Vandeveer says:

    To sprint:when you move with the joy stick go once and twice really fast

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