Minecraft Tutorials – E01 How to Survive your First Night (UPDATED!)

This tutorial will show you how to survive your first night in Minecraft, where bad things come out from the dark and try to eat you. You’ll learn what to do…

To see part 1 go to: http://www.internetretroreviews.tk Our minecraft server is ready for players: mc.internetretroreviewsMC.tk If server is offline, contact…
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  1. LaggyMoments says:

    I miss being a noob
    * sheds manly tear *

  2. dbtbandit67 says:

    Installing a map/compass mod is absolutely essential for beginner players.
    You’ll keep getting lost looking for the materials to build one without it,
    on top of getting wood, mining coal, looking for food. You need a reliable
    way home.

  3. Raines Whitehill says:

    stuff has changed in .7.4 versions

  4. Janemar Castro says:

    Minecraft is the best game ever created.

  5. jaap singh says:

    Thanks ! I subed …u were pretty clear on how to do it ! 

  6. Vader Constantine says:

    i love minecraft because it’s open world and i enjoy exploring it. i only
    wish if the game have more interaction like mini quest assign by in game
    character. maybe a hermit u meet in a forest asking you to find for him a
    dog because he’s lonely. that would be nice. or a ranger lost in a cave and
    you help him find his way out and in return he tells you a bit abaout the
    minecarft world. a villager that you can have a dialog with would be nice
    too. it is too lonely in there sometimes, especially when it rains. …and
    the game was fine without the potion/echantments. i don’t really need

  7. Margalus89 says:

    Watched both the old and this vid and…how does he always spawn near rich
    mines? Should I select my seed or…whenever I leave it random I spawn in
    bad spots like there’s only sand or no mines at all.

  8. XxMightyWolfxX says:

    Seed please!

  9. Joana Ferro says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Your voice fits perfectly :)

  10. 1:18 you say hello to the cows funny…

  11. Joseff Mendoza says:

    I really miss those times, since I’ve forgotten how that felt.

  12. saul Bornshteyn says:

    i read about u in a book .3.

  13. Ethan Wong says:

    i remember when i was a noob i would also watch your videos and play. it
    was also more fun when i was a noob :’)


  15. gregory luckoo says:

    hey man i am your biggest fan i have watch all of your survive and thirve
    videos your like 1000 times better at me at surviving.

  16. edward birchall says:

    I love this guys videos when he plays with his kids

  17. LianHartPlaysMinecraft says:

    Hi,how do you record the videos because i want to upload some minecraft
    survival tutorials but i dont know how to record?

  18. So does it work for iPad too?

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