Minecraft | TROPICAL PARADISE MOD! (TropiCreepers, Fancy Fish & Tons More!) | Mod Showcase

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  1. TheDiamondMinecart says:

    Such a beautiful mod! Hope you enjoy this guys and remember, if you did,
    please be sure to leave a LIKE! Have a great day and weekend TeamTDM :D

  2. Josh Lefelhocz says:

    Yo Dan! Maybe you could make your own server and we could team up to fight
    an infection(virus infection mod) and we manage to beat it back and destroy
    it so we retreat to the tropicraft dimension to lay back and relax after a
    hard fought battle.

  3. kat doporto says:

    U tube hates me 🙁 i cant watch any videos at all :(

  4. Maychon Missery says:

    did anybody else see that his number of darts go to 111

  5. Martin Tully says:

    i was trying to kill the easter egg head thing with a d-sword FOREVER and
    after 10 mins my sister told me to try it with a pick… it worked 😛 im

  6. The_Minecrafters says:


  7. Simon Garrett says:

    Longest intro ever

  8. Carolina Ochoa says:


  9. Runfromcreepers says:

    Can you download this with forge?

  10. Biance Damon says:

    Dan you said ” Before you drown yhe fish ” you mean sufficate

  11. Joshua Edlund says:

    U can sorta tame the monkeys with the penacalata because they follow you
    with it

  12. john conteh says:

    assassin’s creed black flag 

  13. Samuel Bencomo says:

    Love it. Soooooooo coooooooool!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hana Harrison says:

    What do you use to zoom in in your review, I’ve been trying to figure out
    how to do it. Thanks!

  15. Insiders & Outsiders says:

    use the sifter in the diamond dimensoins because if u use a lucky block u
    might get a higher majority of getting something useful like iron, gold,
    diamonds aslo the tin aluminium ,copper and others

  16. Alex Oliver says:

    Epic mod is there mods on PS3 if so can you see if there is any u can do

  17. Stoneaxe500 says:

    Dan what is the name of the song you used at the start of the episode?

  18. Mikey Macdermid says:


  19. juan ramirez says:

    i like the stuff and color

  20. mybothersinlife says:

    hay man just want to say love the mods and the creativity, my 6 yr old son
    is a massive fan and loves watching your vids. Great work keep it up

  21. jordan becknell says:

    Tdm do the aging mod

  22. johnny doughnut says:

    crashes sry

  23. Gloria LOL says:

    I am totally getting this..

  24. Kathy Hines says:

    I am your biggest fan aaaaaaaa your aossomle cool

  25. skovacs50able says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 

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