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Minecraft Title Update 14 Coming Soon for PS3 and Xbox 360

4J Studios has confirmed on twitter that it sent Title update 14 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Minecraft to Sony and Microsoft for testing. What that means for you is that soon you’ll have access to a new update with lots of improvements and additions.

Highlights include: teleporting for the player; zombie villagers; trading with villagers; new villager professions; new host options; new terrain features; emerald, quartz, and nether quartz materials; tripwire hook; enchanted golden apple; invisibility and night vision potions; new recipes; new food items like potatos; and carpets. Lots of stuff to make an already fun game even better.

The full list of things being changed can be foundĀ here for PS3.

And here forĀ Xbox 360.

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