Minecraft Pocket Editon 0.10 Update Out Now

Minecraft gaming on the go just got quite a bit prettier, as the latest update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now out on iOS and Android. The new includes a number of performance improvements. It also adds a day and night cycle in creative, tinted lighting, better-looking fog, a brightness toggle and much nicer looking […]

Latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update Will Be Submitted to Apple Today

According to Mojang developer Johan Bernhardsson, version 0.10.0 of Minecraft: Pocket Edition should be on its way to you soon. Bernhardsson tweeted that the eighth build of the new version was completed and should go to Apple for testing Tuesday. If approved by Apple it should be available for download soon, although it depends on […]

Minecraft: PE Coming to Windows Phone

What’s a Windows Phone, you ask? And that’s blank stare might be one of the reasons Microsoft was willing to spend $2.5 billion to purchase Mojang and Minecraft. Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten confirmed the news in a tweet. “Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Edition *is* coming to the Windows Phone! The port runs already, but there’s […]

New and Improved Minecraft Pocket Edition is Available Today

Your Minecraft Pocket Edition just got a lot better, thanks to the .90 update. The new update brings the pint-sized version of Minecraft more in line with the PC version. It adds infinite worlds, wolves to tame, new mobs, new biomes, new mobs including Endermen, and lots of bug fixes and new features. Perhaps the […]

Big Update Coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition Thursday

Minecraft Pocket Edition will get its biggest ever update this Thursday, July 10. The 0.90 update comes with a long list of features and enhancements, some of which, like infinite worlds, are even ahead of the console versions. According to Mojang, the update includes: • Infinite worlds! • Caves! • Loads of new blocks and items including Monster […]

Your Chance to Ask the Minecraft: Pocket Edition Developers a Question

Any question. They might not answer, but they’re giving you a chance. To celebrate Minecraft: Pocket Edition selling 21 million copies, Mojang will hold a livestream Monday for the Pocket Edition developers to answer fan questions. Get your question in early by posting it here: http://www.reddit.com/r/MCPE/comments/22lf0s/questions_for_dev_panel_on_monday_april_14/ So, if you want to know if the Creeper […]

The Amazon Fire TV: Something New to Play Minecraft On

The Amazon Fire TV looks like something your mom or grandma might buy to watch movies or check social media on, but you don’t care about that. What you care about is games, and it looks like the Fire TV, which launches today, will have the ability to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your TV. […]

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