Minecraft Pocket Edition : Walkthrough / Review

Thanks to Chadthedj for doing this review and welkthrough of minecraft for ios. Make sure to check out his channel for more videos like this one and Server R…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Let's Play Minecraft Pocket Edition iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android

First episode of my Let’s play for Minecraft Pocket Edition. What I record my gameplay with – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c427c_HI9qc minecraft pocket edi…


  1. Kristian Leth says:

    this is a awesome vidio’

  2. Maad Al-Nimah says:

    We r prozz plus this is the old version in the new version u can mine

  3. Nick Perez says:

    U just showed urn password

  4. TeamZombieAS says:

    I want To Craft, Mine, and Skin Changing!

  5. lildjremix says:

    so an you craft or not cause i have it and so far its just endless mining
    and eventually the possibilities run out also they added flying to creative
    if you double tap jump

  6. ComputerLunarVidGamR says:

    now you can, so SHUT IT!!

  7. i know your ipad passcode
    lololololllollollolollolololololollololol9oloolololololo na jk im high

  8. 2989briant says:

    I downloaded a awesome skin and I got a sweet texture pack thanks poker

  9. Miranda Gatz says:

    I need some help.. I have a iphone 3 s and i jailbroke it.. I got minecraft
    pocket edition – full .. and in my house, i have a bed.. it says i cant
    sleep because there is a monster near. it has been like that for three
    nights (on the game) and i go out side, tear down my walls, and more.. and
    i cant find it.. he isnt there. i can hear him.. and it sounds like he is
    right beside my bed.. my bed isnt up against the wall but, its near. Please
    help. inbox me.(: or just reply :p

  10. The Stray-X says:

    yes it works better than u think it would

  11. LegoBuilder5X says:

    There actually is an option that lets you place blocks the way you would on
    pc version

  12. SpaceFlight412 says:

    Nee to Minecraft I got the the P.E how tf do you play ? Do you just build ?
    Is that ?

  13. Kaylie Poyer says:

    It has anamals and cake lava and water on my verson

  14. halzanova says:

    it is 0.1.6 already! minecraft pocket edition has armor it is awesome!

  15. ThePenguinmane says:

    that sucks for me i cant join any game:(

  16. SharpnessPvP says:


  17. kevinvroege says:

    u need to mine it with a pick not the normal wapen thing

  18. Pinder Productions says:


  19. Maad Al-Nimah says:

    And lotts of new blocks

  20. Sychotic Raver says:

    chad the Blow Job

  21. Tyler Gould says:

    I Have 0.4.0

  22. ThePenguinmane says:

    all mobs here in survival mode are sheep,pig and zombies

  23. Joshua Briggs says:

    do you know how to fly

  24. Dankrushen says:

    You now have crafting and no chests yet. Btw what’s a crafting chest?

  25. coolkingboo123 says:

    Plz would there be creepers on this game

  26. Ana Gonzalez says:

    I saw the zombie 

  27. Harry Morrant says:

    Lol that is a long time ago I’m in 0.8.0 rails and
    breeding/buckets/bows/cakes/mine redstone/piles more


  28. Thebrian3000 says:

    How do you record your ipad or I phone screen while playing ?
    Tell me how by commenting on my first video plzz
    : )

  29. Wafiahmad Obeidi says:

    Everybodu hulom shake

  30. hawaluul hassan says:

    i love minecraft because my cousin teached me how to play minecraft

  31. coco fudge says:

    Natalia arias- you can save on pocket Editon your talking about demo!

  32. Daneal Mirza says:


  33. RockJamz56 says:

    I though u r at 0.7.0 like computer it has a bucket

  34. Kylie Lavallee says:


  35. Lucy Wood says:


  36. yumicodidera says:

    Hahaha! Beautiful

  37. moggy28mp says:

    Rili god:-)!!!!#

  38. Lupe Lozoya says:

    I like your video do some more video

  39. Gadielis Lopez says:

    Just the same

  40. Hasan mahbub says:

    Is this the full version that you have buy on ipad???

  41. Jamiedoesminecraft12 says:

    How did u film it

  42. hamburger girl says:

    It’s because your on peaceful mode 🙂

  43. Fhely Barcenas says:

    jod12375 Are you speak a Persian or Arabian

  44. Aimee Williams says:

    Me to please tell us?

  45. john storm says:

    How did you screen video it what app that you can screen video it?

  46. MattandbichonCraft says:

    How did u record?

  47. bubbles5567ify says:

    How do u build those

  48. Dwan North says:

    is this the lite version or the paid version

  49. camilla dos santos says:

    the pocet edition is boring it dose t work in my onee

  50. Jayden Vo says:

    Hi JoJoPetv have you ever used the split controlls?

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