Minecraft Pocket Edition Walkthrough Part 7- Chopping Some Wood

Minecraft Pocket Edition Walkthrough Part 7- Chopping Some Wood

OliverGamingHD Like, Subscribe, Comment Part 7 Summary- In this part we chop lots of trees down and we get alot of wood so that we can make our cool surprise…
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How to on nether reactor core Recui 3 diamonds 36 gold(4 block of gold 6 iron bar 14 cobblestone Warning!! Do not build it next to your house or something im…
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  1. Epicookie1000 says:

    just lerned y u shouldnt build it near ur house it distroyed half of mine 😛

  2. I know how to make a actual nether portal

  3. Siti Anastasia says:


  4. minecraftingmaniac16 says:

    This didn’t work

  5. I think this is the only way to get melon seeds

  6. diesel8996 says:

    How to get gold

  7. gocaflaghan says:

    ugh i placed this too close to my daimond house and it destroyed an entire
    daimond wall with all of the obsidian!

  8. Liliana Marie says:

    How big does it take up for space next to something?

  9. Your video orientation is all messed up. The video is sideways. Every time
    I turn my phone to see it right, it turns the video sideways. I ended up
    just turning my head to the side :/ thanks for the video though!

  10. DesignersOfLego says:

    how did u get so much gold

  11. Only with diamond sword

  12. DANNY ryan says:

    Seed gold.

  13. It’s not working on creative

  14. Marissa Co says:

    I think they need it to work on creative because I sure aint finding no

  15. shadowwolf5262 says:

    I did this on my kindle fire. I didnt actually collect all the materials
    and all dat stuff. I just used a different app called pocket inveditor.
    Also when I did it the stuff that spawned around me was netherakk. And it
    gave me nether quartz…?

  16. gamingwalkthroughtwo says:

    sideways narrow

  17. In the new verison the nether drop nether quarts and in the new verison I
    wil bee in netherackk and not obsidian about the app I don’t know

  18. blondeZilla173 says:


  19. display recorder in cydia

  20. charlie preston says:


  21. Jennifer Caroc says:

    dos it work on creative mode

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