Minecraft Pocket Edition Walkthrough Part 3- Found Iron And Coal!!!!

You Better Subscribe 😉 LiKe, CoMmEnT, SuBsCrIbE Part 3 Summary- So in this part of my walkthrough we try to mine to find some gold but we can’t find any we …

Minecraft Pocket Edition Walkthrough Part 2 (0.7.1) pe like it minecraft pocket edition update 0.3.0 footage gameplay Game Review kappische MC PE MCPE offici…
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  1. Aditya Sen says:

    i’m playing the PE version from a long time but have found no caves and
    dungeons o.O why ?

  2. Jesus Garcia says:

    Nice video

  3. Rico Pietschmann says:

    My favorite mob is a enderman! 

  4. christian mejia says:

    What pass do u need for the settings

  5. miroslavnom131 says:


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