Minecraft Pocket edition walkthrough part 1 The Journey

Minecraft pocket edition walkthrough part one with commentary.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Minecraft Pocket Edition - Find Diamonds in First 10 Minutes - (Dream House) Seed

I made a video of how to get 6 diamonds in 10 minutes on my new seed I’ve been playing on called “Dream House”. Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/jojopetv Fac…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Noah Chriss says:

    April 1 is my BirthDay

  2. haley seeling says:

    really like what im seeing

  3. THE REAL CHUCKY 81 says:

    Did you root your system

  4. Gamer zelda says:

    make more parts!

  5. Ivan Acosta says:

    my favorite monster in minecraft is enderman

  6. 3lit3gam3r23 says:

    Good job keep it up

  7. Damien Zielinski says:

    cool but do a xbox minecraft series

  8. John Nick says:

    whats our chanel we make minecraft and other videos

  9. XphertNinja says:

    thanks for the sub really appreciate it and by root do you mean jailbreak
    if so then yes i did

  10. Elyasos Turkis says:


  11. GamingMad says:

    Does this seed work on later versions like 0.8.0 or the new one coming,

  12. Alexander l.eide says:

    What recorder you use?

  13. Mariah Gonzalez says:

    Thank you I got the world!!!!

  14. SuperAwsomeCreativeKids SACK says:

    Wow the old minecraft its so original 

  15. David Forest says:

    What recorder do u use?

  16. Jorge Oviedo says:

    Im crying for joy i gol in you world and got 6 diamonds

  17. witsghe lee says:

    And i have 0.8.1 alpha version

  18. Ashley Parker says:

    Could you mine anywhere on the edge of the water?

  19. deniz yukselen says:


  20. alex moreno says:

    find gold :)

  21. witsghe lee says:

    I got 17 diamonds in my world

  22. thanks 

  23. Olivia Fryer says:

    Thank you so much for showing youtube that I wanted diamonds for so long I
    made a lot I meen a LOT!!!!! Of my friends went mining just to find
    diamonds so thank you =)

  24. Dennis chavarria says:

    how do you dig under the water without drowning?

  25. camden panting says:

    IT WORKS!!!!


    I use 0.8.0

  27. Ndidi Ndukwe-Uga says:

    thank you it works

  28. Elle Curley says:

    Thank u so much I found 4 dimonds 4o iron

  29. Sarah M June says:

    OMG I tried it and it worked thanks

  30. Alexis Granger says:

    Diego there is no texture pack XD

  31. Angel Tlatenchi says:

    Thx dude I liked it

  32. Maeve Mufson says:

    I got the world

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