MINECRAFT: POCKET EDITION – Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay Video)

MINECRAFT: POCKET EDITION - Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay Video)

Lonnie plays Minecraft — Pocket Edition – Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay Video) This is part 1 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of “Let…
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  1. So many fucking jumpcuts. Christ.

  2. Elizabeth Smith says:

    This was me… 2 seconds ago.

  3. Heather VanDolman says:

    (another helpful hint) do NOT try to be friendly with the Zombies, or
    skelotens OR creepers :)

  4. Kennedy watson says:

    This is so sad

  5. Maxwell Towry says:

    You don’t mine dirt with a pick axe and you mine iron with a stone pickaxe

  6. wade burley says:

    Make a house it’s a good idea to build a house

  7. DavidTheBacon says:

    Call Your Mom, MOOAAHM! Shes not home -.-

    fucking funny

  8. Alan Klein says:

    I love mincraft so I like you

  9. Laura Fandrey says:

    Your a big noob you suck I m way better than in so many ways

  10. shane sullivan says:

    your hilarious

  11. xiaoheidan says:

    Update minecraft to 0.8.0!

  12. Habiul Alam says:

    You suck at minecraft

  13. tiara hoang says:

    noob no offence 

  14. Keshley Kent says:


  15. Anand Arslan says:

    cause they are hostle mobs.

  16. Jafonzo Doods says:

    It takes 8

  17. Hayden Hubbard says:


  18. connor black says:

    Your sooooooooo gay

  19. Jared chaves says:

    Make a house

  20. ool

  21. play on the pc

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