Minecraft Multiplayer – Part #1 – Too much messing around …

Minecraft Multiplayer - Part #1 - Too much messing around ...

Hi there ! My name is Joseph and this is one of my videos .If u enjoyed watching it and u wanna see more of them feel free to subscribe my channel and like t…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

MULTIPLAYER MINECRAFT SURVIVAL: Revenge of the Enderman!  Part 12

Introducing Part Twelve of a New and Exciting Minecraft Multiplayer Survival Series! If you enjoyed this Video, please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to Minefi…
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  1. minecraftcube98 says:

    O my voice

  2. snozLe Orb says:

    hey 15:15 i think its a diamond FAILURE

  3. Jordan Carmello says:

    Guys he’s playing on PC

  4. Raging Rino says:

    We will try to resume this on my new server but old world might be lost
    sould we start new or spawn stuff in to get us close to where we were at?

  5. IcyArcticSnow says:

    just spawn in stuff please!

  6. Raging Rino says:

    The new survival is up just as u requested on our Chanel!

  7. tell me wen u do that series and i can be in it if u want

  8. Jonathan Hernandez says:

    episode 13 plz

  9. Ishaq Williams says:

    Light the house

  10. Javontay Peoples says:

    he passed diamond

  11. Minefirecharger says:

    Hey Jinko what’s up

  12. Shmexy Nerf says:

    15:15 A Diamond Maybe!

  13. Hey dude im 13 and thinking of starting a channel, i mainly wanna do
    minecraft, TF2, etc. I cant afford an HD capture card/ recorder, the best i
    have is camtasia and my laptop has a built-in mic, most of my friends find
    me hilarious when im playing games, do you think i will be succesful? My
    goal is basically 200 subscribers, and if you have any tips please tell me,

  14. Minefirecharger says:

    Nice man good luck with it!

  15. Nothin

  16. catmanjump says:

    start new

  17. 1NYYankeeFan says:


  18. Hey mine

  19. Brittany Moquin says:

    I love your videos!!!!

  20. Minefirecharger says:

    Go check the channel, multiplayer survival has been started up again 🙂

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