Minecraft Multiplayer Let’s Play Episode 1

Started a new Let’s Play series on a server. Ill be playing with 3 other people, and we are starting from scratch again. This server does have mods such as i…
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  1. WellsyGames says:


  2. michaelhagan080 says:


  3. Jacob M says:

    oh there’s a lava waterfall… wait, a lava fall lol made me laugh

  4. michaelhagan080 says:

    Can one of your friends make it or who made the one in the vid and what is
    the ip

  5. WellsyGames says:

    what are you on about?

  6. michaelhagan080 says:


  7. WellsyGames says:

    no sorry my computer isn’t capable of running a server

  8. michaelhagan080 says:

    Hey can you make a server for me and you a let’s play and use this seed
    please think about it. Plz

  9. michaelhagan080 says:

    What was the Ip of the server that you played the let’s play with your

  10. michaelhagan080 says:


  11. michaelhagan080 says:

    Hey do you like faction servers if so join this one play.hcraid.com my
    minecraft is corb1995champ I’m on from 1pm to 4pm and 8pm to 10pm central
    time I will invite you to the faction I’m in. K hope to see you on. Bye. Ip

  12. michaelhagan080 says:

    I know but can you come between 1 to 4 and 8 to 10 all pm that’s when I can
    come on

  13. michaelhagan080 says:


  14. WellsyGames says:

    No sorry, none of us have capable setups to run a server.

  15. WellsyGames says:

    pretty good aye lol

  16. michaelhagan080 says:

    Put pvp on the server if you make it for us

  17. michaelhagan080 says:

    The ip

  18. michaelhagan080 says:

    Hey what is the Ip I want to join you in a let’s play. Minecraft name is
    corb1995champ. Think about it plz

  19. michaelhagan080 says:

    Is it hamachi

  20. WellsyGames says: Dont expect me to help you on it though.

  21. michaelhagan080 says:

    Is it priumium

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