Diamond House

Minecraft Creators Crafting a Fortune

Diamond House

Could Minecraft creator Notch build a real-life house out of diamonds if he wanted? Probably not, but he might be getting close. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mojang’s¬†Minecraft profits are going through the roof, even after five years.

Mojang raked in 816 million Swedish kronor ($128 million) last year, up from 325 million kronor in 2012. Revenue soared 38% to 2.07 billion kronor, the company told The Wall Street Journal. Mojang is a privately held company and will soon publish its full figures with Swedish regulators.

According to the article, Minecraft is popular despite sticking to its guns and asking people to pay $27 per download on a PC or $20 for a console-based gaming device, and $7 for the mobile version. Enough people think the experience is worth it for it to remain a big success.

“Usually with games, you would start to expect a decline after the first year since launch,” said Minecraft Chief Executive Carl Manneh in an interview. “That’s never really happened for us.”

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