Minecraft- Creative Mode Lets Play- Part 1

Got an extra long video for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed the video Don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe if you liked the vid Don’t forget to ch…
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  1. Anthony Tippy says:

    Wow! So I actually forgot about this video. THANKS FOR ALL THE VIEWS
    GUYS!!! You guys rock. Im a n00b I know

  2. Aliyas Boatright says:

    Dude in creative you don’t need XP to enchant

  3. tommy berardi says:

    Get a fish

  4. Mohamed Magdy says:


  5. Im not sure lets plays are supposed to be in creative ._______.

  6. Sally Graves says:

    How do u place blocks!?!?!?

  7. lilly lulu says:


  8. CrackerSmasherZ says:

    creative mode sucks!

  9. hdimitrious11 says:


  10. i like minecraft i hope i get it on ps3

  11. 123Determinator says:

    It should be comng out in, I think, August. Add me on PS3: jj_the_killer22

  12. celtsutd1 says:

    Tipe gammode 0

  13. shadowlight rs says:

    do you want to go to heaven? follow the greatest commandment #2……….
    ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’ LIKE if im right

  14. Ballistic Gaming says:

    yea it is coming coming out this month

  15. munchpack says:

    minecraft noobs not a lot around

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