Let’s Play Minecraft (Survival) Walkthrough / Commentary Part 7 – Let’s go mining!

Some people commented that they wanted to see everything, rather than my skipping mining trips. So, here you go, the first of (I think) four videos undergrou…

Welcome to Part 6 of the Minecraft Survival playthrough, where I show you my Sheep Pen and even fill it with sheep! Sheep Pen Inspiration: http://www.youtube…
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  1. VeryGoodVideos13 says:

    “…Oh lava in the face” LOL

  2. Jayminx29 says:

    Ok it’s official, thanks to you I am now addicted to minecraft….

  3. TheGuyAcrossDaStreet says:

    Use the texture mods when recording!

  4. yeahzeeroo says:

    i like your torchlight tip

  5. TheKroganMaster says:

    Hey whats up, missed the videos. : )

  6. coolkidmiracle says:

    Something that I like to do is put all my torches on the right side of the
    cave when I’m heading in. This way, if I want to get out all I have to do
    is follow the torches while they’re on my left hand side.

  7. erick nieto says:

    you should use red stone torches and put the red torch in the direction
    that leads to the exit. a regular torch and a red stone one right in front
    of the other

  8. Sam Stewart says:

    you are the best

  9. tookarrowknee says:

    some advice, put the torches always on the right side of the mine, then
    when you want to go out always have the torches on your left side of the
    screen 😀

  10. ThoseMeddlingGamers says:

    I love your minecraft videos keep them coming(:

  11. DarkSun931 says:


  12. ResidentEvil053 says:

    I would say boy, it would be an adorable boy sheep.

  13. Andaley says:

    @ClunkyBlocks Got it, thanks!

  14. xmusiclifexx says:

    I love all your lets plays my favorite is zombiu 🙂

  15. jasminnogomet says:


  16. ClunkyBlocks says:

    Orange dye is yellow and red dye together. Great Videos 😀

  17. TheLividCoconut says:

    whooooooo more mofo minecraftia

  18. erick nieto says:

    all coming together:)


    make it longr next time plz :3

  20. alejandro belardo says:


  21. Piringo LaHardee says:

    3:38 rip headphones

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