Let’s Play Minecraft (Survival) Walkthrough / Commentary Part 12 – Let’s build a Train Station!

A train station? Why not? Twitter http://twitter.com/theandaley Facebook: http://facebook.com/theandaley Thanks for watching!

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  1. Chris Muthra says:

    Maybe u could do a couple of tables and “couches” so they can set well
    waiting for the train

  2. For Minecraft, I’m on a Mac and use Screenflow. Not the most glamorous of
    programs, but it gets the job done.

  3. BigBadBunny666 says:

    Andaley what do you use to record?

  4. ArcticWolfPheonix says:

    Not sure if you use mods on your Minecraft but I found one that might
    interest you, if I remember correctly you were talking about how you wish
    there was a way to make wool stairs. The mod is called Staircraft by

  5. ResidentEvil053 says:

    You could use upside down stairs where the raw wood is.

  6. Paulgrantsongs says:

    When i get 6 diamonds, the first thing i do is make a sword a pick and a
    shovel. 🙂

  7. Karplunk says:

    is this like a video game 3-D creating program

  8. Nebulosa991122 says:

    Nice house more torches

  9. Mdragon5432 says:

    lol Thorax the impaler wow bob XD

  10. MrXxlegitsnipezzxx says:

    Its kindive dark you should put more torches

  11. Feare Rosebane says:

    I think you have a bright future in minecraft

  12. Collin Meeks says:

    Dude mobs spawn anywhere thats dark

  13. MrXxlegitsnipezzxx says:

    Other than that Great Castle!

  14. thoraxtheimpaler09 says:

    @MrXxlegitsnipezzxx Thank you. If Camstudio was working for me, I’d make an
    update. I added two more floors, and one of them is a tree farm lol

  15. thoraxtheimpaler09 says:

    @godric3077 Well it wasn’t really meant to be a walkthrough in the
    traditional sense, I just wanted to show myself building a castle in single
    player. If you want a more traditional walkthrough, there are others out

  16. MrXxlegitsnipezzxx says:


  17. vash5208 says:

    i love this game. ur castle is amazing.

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