Lets Play Minecraft Pocket Edition Part 1 – Batman and Robin

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. Omar Akmermer says:

    Good but if they’re batman and robin, why cant they make skins

  2. SAB Singh says:

    Why are you making such a big house!?

  3. Hamza Akmermer says:

    so i copyed the seed at my notebook so i can join them

  4. Fahdi Zakirin says:

    U hacker i am itachi ethan sav

  5. I hope they don’t build a house with out us 🙁

  6. itchyblock says:


  7. Aaron Kim says:

    What seed

  8. Wooly Teacher says:

    DO MORE!!!

  9. Ryan Marsh says:

    What screen did you use?

  10. rutilo fernandez says:

    Not that bad video

  11. SAB Singh says:

    Some big ass house :D

  12. Jerren Beaube says:

    what is your server

  13. Juan Contreras says:

    I hate your voice 🙂

  14. Mac Ragheb says:

    did he say surbibal ?

  15. Dylan Mathis says:


  16. Braxton C says:


  17. Drew Hingson says:


  18. mgtrapps says:

    6:26 I saw a ton of saplings

  19. MinerCrafter0017 says:

    Anyway your awesome

  20. MinerCrafter0017 says:

    Your awesome and who cares about likes on videos do it because you like it


    @MinerCrafter0017 thanks and don’t forget to subscribe!

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