Let’s Play Minecraft Pocket Edition – Ep. 1 – Zuko, Prince of Darkness

GoldZuko’s Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Series! —————————————- Can we get 50 Likes for the Prince of Darkness? (: ————…
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  1. Jack Pitfield says:

    I’m on 0.8.2

  2. Joseph Dozarkj says:

    You are bether then my

  3. Lissette Rodriguez says:

    Dude dude your not a pro you go online realy noob!!!!!

  4. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Ur pic looks like utakata from naruto

  5. Katie Short says:


  6. Cheyenne Guenther says:

    No wait im srry 0.8.1 my bad

  7. Mikaela bondoc says:


  8. abdullah alhag says:

    I’m 8:-) 

  9. Ethan Valma says:


  10. Elijah Williams says:

    Do Nestle as your seed its a mountain biome

  11. Krish Bedi says:

    Add me on Game Center – skatsgirl
    I’m a fan of ur vids
    I saw the my gf plays mcpe and all the channels 

  12. MLP and LPS says:

    I have a question I don’t know how to video minecraft pocket edition
    without a camera becous I only have I ipad

  13. Forat Izzi says:

    Guys plz dont be mean to someone just because you think. You are better
    than him

  14. intars paura says:


  15. caleb ralton says:

    How u screen record 7.0.4 ios

  16. Cheyenne Guenther says:

    You use it to make cake now 

  17. caleb ralton says:

    Fan of avatar I see

  18. Cheyenne Guenther says:

    Its already in 1.8.1

  19. Maximaxwe says:

    I know everything about minecraft so shut up about noobs 

  20. Ultimateblood SeekersAwesomeChannel says:

    Prince of shit

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