In-Game Tutorials Now Possible In Minecraft

Minecraft isn’t that hard to pick up and play, but some of the more complicated tasks people have pulled off in the game might confuse those who attempt those tasks themselves. Marc Watson, employee of Mojang, and Dragnoz, a popular Minecraft builder, are working on a solution: in-game tutorials. Together, they’ve rigged up a map […]

Today I Learned: Enchanting Tables as Hats

Today I learned that you can put an enchanting table on your head and make a darned sweet turban. This tip comes from psychonavigator on Reddit. But how do you get the tablet/turban on your head, you ask. You use the Essentials plugin. “Simply hold the item and do /hat,” psychonavigator wrote.

This Chart is Your Handy Guide to Minecraft’s Hostile Mobs

I_Photoshop_Things_ made this Minecraft chart for a class project. Click to see it full size. It shows the hostile Minecraft mobs, from zombie to Ender Dragon, along with stats like their health, the amount of XP they drop, and the type of attack they do. I_Photoshop_Things_ said on Reddit that the chart was made for […]

Learn How to Build a Better Minecraft House

Do your houses look like sad little huts? Don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere. This guide from kaephis will show you how to go from this: To this: The tutorial focuses on finding the right color scheme, textures, depth and shapes. It helps you figure out the right color scheme and ratios to […]

Never, Ever Dig Straight Down

That advice is Minecraft 101, but some people have to find things out the hard way. Click to check out the rest of this hilarious instructional gif series from Abba Jackson to see what happened to one hapless noob.  

Let’s Play Minecraft PC – Ep 3 – potpotsie

Episode 3 of Let’s Play Minecraft from YouTube user, potpotsie.

Let’s Play Minecraft PC – Ep 2 – potpotsie

Episode 2 of Let’s Play Minecraft from YouTube user, potpotsie.

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