Day 1 Survival Guide Walkthrough – Got Wood?

Day 1 Survival Guide Walkthrough - Got Wood?

This is my Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft! Day 1 on Survival Collect Wood How to make wood planks how to make wood sticks how to mine cobble cobblestone how t…

Minecraft - Single player Survival Mode Walk Through  (Day 1)

This is a Live Minecraft walk through on Survival Mode,
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Scootaloo says:

    thx my friend was new to minecraft

  2. AxP Bunnii says:

    Whats Seed

  3. This video annoys me so much. Lol. Not because it’s bad. It’s a nice video,
    and I’ll watch some more episodes. It’s always just the little things that
    get to me. Like not collecting wool right away for a bed, or calling Stone
    “Cobble”, or making a wooden shovel instead of just making a stone one 2
    seconds later. Not that they’re wrong to do, just..not what I do. I can’t
    help getting annoyed at it because it’s weird to see/hear. Also, the use of
    “Shit” constantly got a bit annoying. lol. Especially if you’re acting like
    this video would help ‘new’ players. Considering a lot of new players are
    younger. But I realize this is an old video, so, hopefully that sorts
    itself out later.

    Still, not a bad explanation for new people. I haven’t watched any of these
    episodes I don’t think, so I’m hoping they get into more interesting stuff.

  4. U also dont have to keep clicking when crafting stuff.. U can just right
    click and drag it..

  5. Jack Carruthers says:

    Fast forward it

  6. Project T4CO says:

    damn that was the biggest freakin patch of iron ive ever seen! 23 in a
    patch like damn musthave been a triple patch

  7. U can cook wood to make charcoal instead of digging in the dark.. 

  8. no, for mac

  9. I got the game today 3 days after it came out I think

  10. “You needa get wood and cause you gotta craft shit yeah hahah”

  11. My mom has the same ringtone

  12. theharribokid15 says:

    i played minecraft last august 2012 but this is my first survival (legit)

  13. DynamicDesmondo says:

    Its not cool to say shit. but it was a good explanation

  14. GamerBoyX2000 says:

    took me 146 hits to get 1 pice of wood!

  15. Xavier Ho says:

    What is the seed

  16. Juan Chau says:

    cook with wooden planks?

  17. 429redneck says:

    you,need to turn up your brightness for the youtube videos

  18. Can someone plz help me, i just bought minecraft and i use a plug in mouse.
    But when ever i click and hold it down to break wood it just goes to the
    game menu. So this makes it im posible to do any thing. Can some one plz
    help me. Sry im a noob.

  19. luke nelson says:

    I have lots of wood idk wat 2 do with it 😛 lol Good video 🙂

  20. DragonKingFTW says:

    this is on pc not xbox

  21. Colin Parker says:

    You did good on the no silence part for a while but increased at the end

  22. ICEGameplays says:

    x for x-ray

  23. ICEGameplays says:

    f to fly

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