Minecraft Mob Chart

This Chart is Your Handy Guide to Minecraft’s Hostile Mobs

Minecraft Mob Chart

I_Photoshop_Things_ made this Minecraft chart for a class project. Click to see it full size. It shows the hostile Minecraft mobs, from zombie to Ender Dragon, along with stats like their health, the amount of XP they drop, and the type of attack they do.

I_Photoshop_Things_ said on Reddit that the chart was made for a college class where the assignment was to make an informational graphic. Sounds like a fun class.

Reddit users have noticed a couple of inaccuracies in the chart, such as the type of attack a witch does being incorrect, but overall it’s a fun at a glance look at the baddies you’ll be fighting your way through if you want to be master of Minecraft.

[Source: Reddit]

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