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Most Minecraft Structures Wouldn’t Last Long In Reality

In Minecraft, you can build virtually anything. This is because the game doesn’t employ real-world physics. The ugly truth is that a lot of creations built within the virtual blocky world wouldn’t stand up for long against the forces of gravity and other elements. To prove that point, here is MichaƂ Mroszczak, a 3D artist […]

The Gear VR Version Of Minecraft Is Coming Out….Now

Mojang is just full of surprises, aren’t they? They announced a version of Minecraft for the Samsung Gear VR would be a reality sometime in 2016, but they didn’t say when. Now, without any prior warning or announcement, here it is. It’s available today! Granted, this news will affect very little of you, given the […]

Order Up Episode 5 Of Minecraft: Story Mode Today

The fifth and what-would-have-been final chapter of Minecraft: Story Mode should be downloadable as you read this. To call attention to this fact, Telltale Games has put forth both the new trailer below and the press release that follows. Don’t forget that after this is over, you get three more chapters! However, you’ll have to […]

Lego Dimensions Adds Final Level Pack

The last level pack for Lego Dimensions comes out today, and it’s an interesting one. It’s the Midway Arcade Level Pack, and it adds elements from 20 arcade games under the old Midway banner — its assets were purchased by Warner Bros. after they went out of business, you see. The pack comes with an […]

Three Doctors Collide In New Lego Dimensions Trailer

Lego Dimensions has a new expansion pack out, with figures to match…it adds Ghostbusters characters to the growing multi-company IP mashup. To call attention, WB Games has released this new trailer showing what happens when three different Doctors finally meet. It’s worth nothing that despite all holding the title Dr, none of these guys ever […]

Wow: Entire Grand Theft Auto V Map Being Recreated In Minecraft

For over a year now, a team of Minecrafters has been working in secret, pulling together the massive task of reproducing the entire Grand Theft Auto V map, with EVERYTHING, in Minecraft. It was started in January 2015 and is now quite huge. The finished project will include the entire area, including every building and […]

Functional Cell Phone Built In Minecraft

Is this something or what? You’re looking at a fully functional cell phone built into the Minecraft world. Not only can it really take calls, it’s capable of video conferencing and it can browse the Internet (though good luck making anything out). It was shown off during a video by Jordan Maron, aka “CaptainSparklez,” one […]

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