Epic Minecraft Coaster, Made in Survival

Cranser spent nine months building and fine-tuning this roller coaster running through a survival world, ending up with an epic six minute ride. There’s a lot to take in on Cranser’s coaster, which heads through a snowy area, to underground, through trees, a replica Nether and even underwater. There are many little twists and turns […]

Make a Quick and Easy Furnace Time Bomb

Not every Minecraft gadget requires a dozen hours of investment and master’s degree in redstone. SethBling brings us a functional time-bomb that can quickly be put together with relatively common materials on survival. The heart of the bomb is a furnace, and the timer can be set for different times depending on the fuel used. […]

This Chart is Your Handy Guide to Minecraft’s Hostile Mobs

I_Photoshop_Things_ made this Minecraft chart for a class project. Click to see it full size. It shows the hostile Minecraft mobs, from zombie to Ender Dragon, along with stats like their health, the amount of XP they drop, and the type of attack they do. I_Photoshop_Things_ said on Reddit that the chart was made for […]

Giant Cake Took Five Months To Make, in Survival

Everyone loves cake! But maybe babybomb loves cake a little too much. Babybomb spent five months in survival mode building this “bigass” cake, and it’s only part of a larger build. According to babybomb: The sides of the cake encompasses an area of 128 x 256 blocks. Height is about 32. The cake is made […]

An Unvarnished Look at How the Minecraft Creatures View Steve

This Minecraft video is short and to the point, but it says lot more about the way we play in 20 seconds than a lot of YouTube series gets around to in 100 episodes. It’s also hilariously realistic. Watch as Steve encounters an idyllic world. Then rampages through that world, taking what he wants and […]

Amazing Underground City Took Nearly 500 Hours To Build

NMJ87 says he worked on his underground city, Understone, for 43 days, a total of 475 hours of playtime. All in survival. The results paid off. His underground city is a maze of corridors, fancy rooms, livestock pens, indoor gardens, deep staircases, and impressive architecture. At one point I’m pretty sure I saw an indoor […]

Captive Minecraft: Break Free From Your Prison!

The point of Minecraft is being able to go anywhere you want and do whatever you want. Captive Minecraft turns that on its head, and the results are intriguing. Captive Minecraft by The Farlanders starts the player in a 1 x 1 box, sort of a forcefield. Obviously, not much mining is getting done there. […]

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