Parts Of PC Minecraft Have Changed A Bit

Mojang has introduced another update to the original Minecraft. Some big additions are on the way, though we don’t know what they are (Minecon is next month; we’ll undoubtedly learn something then). Below you will find the latest changelog, otherwise technically known as Snapshot 16W32A. Have fun and keep mining.   Wither Skeletons can now […]

Gallery of Amazing Minecraft Creations

Gamespot has posted a gallery of 17 of the most mindblowing, painstakingly created, intricate and time-wasting Minecraft constructions ever to grace the Web. The gallery includes: A recreation of downtown Los Angeles with every skyscraper furnished An exact replica (albeit slightly blocky) of the ancient Acropolis in Athens Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64 The […]

Check Out ‘The Eye,’ a Crazy New Parkour Map

Well, this is certainly something to jump around in.   This parkour map, “The Eye,” by SilentNoises started as an exercise in learning to make spheres, but turned into something trippy and wild. I especially like the fluffy clouds. If you want to try it out or check out more images, you can go here: […]

Minecrafter Creates Beautiful Memorial to His Late Wife

) Some of the things that Minecraft players create are impressive on their sheer scale. Some are impressive in their beauty. This one is both. The Minecraft players known as “Gas Bandit” created this towering memorial to his late wife, Pauline, also known as “Chikii,” who died in 2013. The huge structure is topped by […]

Minecraft Oil Refinery Looks So Real You Can See the Pollution

A lot of Minecraft builders build fantasy scenes. Not Sifrank and Yazur. It’s cold, hard industrial reality for them. Yazur recently shared this oil refinery on his deviantART page and I have to say, it’s impressive. It even comes complete with trucks and a dark, smog blackened sky. Yazur said he actually studied videos of […]

Minecraft Snapshot 14w08a

Here is the full article from Mojang below. We’ve been working on major rewrites (inventories/menus/block models) for the upcoming API still, but here’s a bugfixy snapshot in the mean time! Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to [URL=””] If nobody reports a bug, we can’t fix it![/FONT] Bugs fixed in this […]

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