Two Big Bad Bosses Being Added To Minecraft Pocket Edition

The cell phone Pocket Edition and the free Windows 10 edition of Minecraft both contain special features the regular game doesn’t, but they’re also missing a lot of features of the full Minecraft. An impending update won’t solve that problem, but it’ll come two steps closer. The bosses known as the Elder Guardian and the […]

Look Out China, Here Comes Minecraft

Mojang announced today that a major milestone in Minecraft history was about to be achieved: the game would be making its official debut in China. Minecraft will enter the growing Chinese market for the first time through a licensing agreement with the company NetEase Inc., which will be selling the Pocket and PC versions of […]

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Realms Support

No one would argue against the PC version of Minecraft being the superior version. One of the reasons is because the flexibility of the PC platform lets anyone do things like run their own servers to play simultaneously with their friends. Surprisingly, today Microsoft broke down the barrier to doing this on phones. The Android, […]

New Minecraft Update Adds Blocky Bunnies To The Landscape

There’s a new update available for the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition versions of Minecraft, and it adds bunnies to the game. That would satisfy anyone, but they went further. In addition to rabbits, you can also finally mine redstone in these versions of the game, expanding creation abilties. Here’s Microsoft’s official description of everything […]

Minecraft Now Has Limited Cross-Platform Play

Nearly one year ago, Microsoft bought Minecraft developer Mojang, mainly (it was revealed later) for the purposes of having Minecraft become an Oculus Rift exclusive. People worried about the fact that Minecraft was on multiple consoles and outlets and wondered if those days were coming to an end. So far, aside from a few exclusive […]

Minecraft: PE Will Feature Better Boats

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has a lot of features missing from the PC version of the game. But here’s one step where it will be ahead, at least for a while. Better boat technology. Mojang Developer Tommaso Checchi posted the screenshot above today with the caption “Now that’s better :)” As you can see, it features […]

Minecraft Pocket Edition Launches on Windows Phone

Here’s a reminder that Minecraft is now owned lock, stock and block by the world’s largest software company. You can now enjoy Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your Windows Phone. The Windows Phone version is not a gimped old version, it’s, which puts it in the same up-to-date 0.10.4 update family as the current Android […]

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