Here Are Images From A Cancelled Minecraft Comic Book

It might’ve happened, but then it didn’t. At one point (specifically 2013) Mojang was interested in producing a Minecraft comic book series. The project was spearheaded by writer Brandon Sheffield, who worked on concept pages off and on for about three years. The main artist was Zac Gorman, who now works on the Rick & […]

The Torches In Minecraft Have Crossed Into Reality

The above image is not a screenshot, but a glance below at the fleshy, rounded hand holding the torch likely told you that already. Another Minecraft item has crossed over into the real world: the torch, following in the shoes of the pickaxe, which already made its physical debut in foam form. The torch is […]

This Wearable Plays Minecraft

Among the growing marketplace of arm candies that do electronic things is the Gameband + Minecraft, a new wearable from the Gameband company specifically devoted to the block-mining game. A full version of Minecraft is installed to the wearable and can be accessed by any USB-accepting computer running any operating system — Windows, Mac or […]

Review of Lego Minecraft’s Biggest Set, ‘The Mine’

JANGBRiCKS has a review of the largest and most expensive of the the new Lego Minecraft sets coming to toy stores this month. The Mine is a massive 922 piece set which will set you back about a hundred bucks. JANGBRiCKS finds it very customizable and useful for play. There are six new Minecraft sets […]

Watch a New Lego Minecraft Set Build Itself

Here’s a fun look from the UK’s Telegraph of one of the new Lego Minecraft sets being assembled via stop motion. The set in the video is “The Mine.” It looks nice and complex and, hopefully, quite customizable. The Mine is the biggest set being released. There are six new Minecraft sets coming this month, […]

Leaked Photos Reveal the Lego Minecraft Sets of Your Dreams

You ever come across something that looks pretty much perfect? These recently leaked photos of upcoming Minecraft Lego sets are one of those things. When I imagined Minecraft Lego, this is what I imagined. The set images were released by Mir Kubikov, a Lego store in Russia. The sets are supposed to be officially out […]

Minecraft Movie a ‘Long Time’ Away, Mojang Says

The Guardian interviewed Mojang Chief Operating Officer Vu Bui recently and peppered him with questions about the Minecraft movie and Minecraft licensing. Bui, who would be in a position to know, says it’s not clear when the live-action Minecraft movie is coming out because it’s in the early development stages. “I still have no idea. […]

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