Working Game Boy Advance Built In Minecraft

A fully functional Game Boy Advance, running Pokemon Fire Red, has been constructed in Minecraft now. It won’t be long before cold fusion is achieved through this game. This is not a mod. Redditor Requag used lots and lots of structure blocks to get a version of Fire Red running in this universe. No easy […]

New Book Uses Minecraft To Teach Programming Skills

Right now, programmers are some of the highest-paid workers in America, and their skills are growing more important by the year as more and more of life becomes reliant on computers and computer technology. Someone thought, “if kids are into Minecraft, maybe I can use the game to start them on the path to coding.” […]

Functional Cell Phone Built In Minecraft

Is this something or what? You’re looking at a fully functional cell phone built into the Minecraft world. Not only can it really take calls, it’s capable of video conferencing and it can browse the Internet (though good luck making anything out). It was shown off during a video by Jordan Maron, aka “CaptainSparklez,” one […]

More To This Minecraft Portrait Than Meets The Eye

Roy Lichtenstein was a pop-art painter from the 1950’s and 1960’s who became famous for his recreations of romance comic book panels. Romance comics aren’t published anymore, but Lichtenstein tells you all you need to know about them — they were incredibly melodramatic, like the scene in his most famous painting, 1963’s Drowning Girl. This […]

Mario 64’s Hub World Recreated In Minecraft

Two unidentified Minecrafters have made waves on Reddit by posting pics of their Minecraft recreation of the outer environments from Super Mario 64. Given how blocky the N64’s environments usually were, especially within the first year of the console’s lifespan, this attempt at recreating Peach’s castle comes pretty close to the original. There was no […]

JRR Tolkien’s Shire Recreated In Minecraft — And How!

One of the most visually stunning Minecraft projects has been making waves over the last 24 hours. A team of 25 anonymous builders worked for nearly a year on a recreation of The Shire from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Now they’ve completed the task and are sharing their photos. “Arguably one of […]

Splatoon Now Playable In Minecraft

If you’re not already playing Splatoon, you should get on that. If you don’t own a Wii U yet, get one just to play this game. It’s crazy addictive and a lot of fun. Minecraft can be equally as addictive, so it would stand to reason by combining them both, humanity would become totally enslaved. […]

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