Dinnerbone Demonstrates Subtitles in Minecraft

Not everyone who plays Minecraft has perfect hearing, so Mojang has been working on a subtitles system to help those who might need them experience the important sounds of the game. This feature might also be useful when you need to play with the sound off to avoid disturbing others. Mojang Developer Nathan Adams, also […]

Pac-Man Remade Within Minecraft

This Pac-Man video is more than just a clever animation, this is the actual game with realistic AI programmed into Minecraft. Made by Magib1, this Minecraft version of Pac-Man seeks to replicate the same behaviors in the original game. It uses a lot of command blocks, so many that Magib1 says that when he eventually […]

Conflicting Reports Over Whether Minecraft Will Be Banned in Turkey

If you listen to Turkish media, a Minecraft ban in that country is right around the corner. The Turkish Family and Social Policy Ministry has found that Minecraft is too violent and might lead kids to be violent to animal, plus finding it might cause social isolation and expose kids to online bullying. And media […]

Turkish Government Agency Declares Minecraft Should Be Banned

When we reported that Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry was looking into complaints that Minecraft was too violent and encouraged violence against women, we assumed they’d check it out, see that it’s harmless and everyone would move on with their lives. We were wrong. In fact, the ministry has declared that Minecraft should be […]

PAX East: Minecraft YouTubers Meet Fans

Here’s an illustration of how big Minecraft fandom is, and how even Minecraft YouTubers can pack fans. This video shows a line to meet a group of YouTube personalities, The Cube. Because the reporter who takes the video is old, he misinterprets what everyone is saying as “The Q.” This is not an official PAX […]

You’ll Love Minecraft’s Version of LA

Welcome to Los Angelcraft, a Minecraft city that attempts to capture the feel of Los Angeles, California. This sprawling city by Fujiwara1990 is huge, and even though it’s not meant to be an exact recreation it does a decent job of capturing the look of the city of angels. Despite the fact that its creator […]

Notch Makes List of World’s Wealthiest People

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has joined the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and … Sorry, forgot this was a gaming site. Notch as joined the ranks of such bright lights as Valve Co-Founder Gabe Newell on Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest people. Notch and Newell tied for 1,415th, with their total net […]

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